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          1. 招纳贤士





            1. To provide value added support in business matters to Group president in most effective productive manner;
            2. To provide excellent translation or interpretation support where needed;
            3. To exercise assistance to business reception act with tact to greet meet visitors prospective business partners;
            4. To support President with all oversea matters business;
            5. To prepare/translate necessary documentations, attend make minutes for Board meetings as well as other important meetings provide efficient follow uo actions;
            6. To coordinate daily schedules, business travel related logistic arrangements for President;
            7. To assist with internal Admin. matters when necessary;
            8. To provide other personal miscellaneous support to President where needed.


            1. Bachelor degree or above with major in English (German as add value), oversea experience is prefered;
            2. Top English skill in interpreter translation, 
            3. TEM 8 or relevant certificates, with financial,acquisation,legal area translation experience is prefered;
            4. Excellent PC skills, strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word,Excel,powerpoint etc.
            5.Strong responsibility, teamwork spirit keeping confidential information.
            6. Strong interpersonal skill, detail-oriented, amiable personality.
            7. Quick thinking, strong execution.



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